CUBSALA Bicycles was founded by Mike Qian in 2021, following his job loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by his newfound love for cycling, Mike decided to start a bike brand. With limited savings, he launched CUBSALA Bicycles and has since focused on constant improvement and growth.

cubsala bikes LLC

2700 Troy Avenue E518, Pueblo, CO 81001. US Based

Pedaling Passion

Our journey began with a simple belief – that every ride should be a daring escapade, an expression of individuality, and a celebration of the BMX spirit. As avid enthusiasts ourselves, we curate a selection of top-notch BMX bikes and gear, meticulously chosen to elevate your ride.


But we're more than just a marketplace; we're a hub for riders to connect, share stories, and inspire one another. Dive into our world – where innovation meets passion, and every jump, spin, and trick is a testament to the extraordinary.